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Jumbo home loans, sometimes referred to as nonconforming mortgages, are an option for financing the purchase of a property valued above federal standards. We offer a customized line of jumbo loans for buyers looking to finance a mortgage that exceeds standard conforming limits.

The loan limits depend on the location of the property. In most U.S. counties, a single-unit property has a federal limit of $417,000 for conventional conforming loans. In those areas, jumbo loans may be the best option for buying or refinancing a luxury home.

But, due to high housing costs in other areas of the country, a jumbo loan might be used for a relatively modest home. The cap starts at $625,500 in most of these higher cost areas.

Your Mutual of Omaha Mortgage loan officer can guide you to the best choice for your specific situation. Options include:

  • Loan amounts up to $3 million
  • 95 percent financing option with mortgage insurance
  • Fixed-rate and adjustable-rate mortgages

Jumbo Home Loan Advantages

While a jumbo loan usually has a higher interest rate, it allows the buyer to avoid making a huge down payment in order to reduce the loan balance to a conforming level.

Contact one of our Mutual of Omaha Mortgage home loan experts to learn more about our jumbo product options.

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