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Home Design Trends 2023 

11.3.2022 | Category: Article

Inflated home prices and climbing interest rates have brought the housing market to a virtual standstill. But as you know, home designs continue to evolve, impress and attract potential buyers. Read all about the latest trends here.

Remember when granite countertops became the rage? Today buyers are looking for quartz or soapstone counters. Keeping up with home design trends is a must as a real estate agent. So, let’s get started.

A serene sanctuary.

Your buyers want to escape the chaotic world. They want to retreat to a tranquil home with large windows for plenty of natural light, a small indoor garden (with lots of herbs), spa bathrooms and cozy reading nooks. The design should promote wellness and relaxation.

Still working from home.

When COVID-19 forced most of us to work from home, we hastily created makeshift offices in our kitchens, spare bedrooms and basements. Now clients still working from home want a real office. From built-in cabinets for office equipment to stylish walls and flooring, today’s home office needs to be a space specifically designed for that purpose.

A kitchen with color.  

All-white kitchens are out. Clients want more pizzazz. Designers are combining one or two white features — such as cabinets and worktops — with smooth earth tones on a backsplash or wall. A colorful accent wall will really grab your buyer’s attention!

More than a laundry room. 

This area of the home tends to lean toward the more practical end of the spectrum, but times are changing. Homeowners and designers are seeking to make this area of the home blend with the overall style. From statement light fixtures to plant life, the laundry room is becoming more in tune with the rest of the home.

Take it outside. 

COVID-19 helped many of us discover the joys of being outside. From socially distant picnics and playdates to outdoor fitness activities and leisurely meals on the veranda, green spaces have become an essential antidote to isolation. As a result, many buyers will want a well-designed backyard.

All the trimmings.

Navy blue, green, griege (gray and beige), pink and even black — interior trim and baseboards don’t need to be white. Sellers have started using contrast colors to catch your buyer’s attention and stand out from competing homes. Smart!

Other design trends include multifunctional spaces, curved furniture, handmade décor, oversized pendant lighting and different art-deco inspirations.

No matter what happens in the housing market, home designs will continue to impact sales. Keep checking here to stay informed!

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