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Preparing Your Buyers For Today’s Housing Market

Climbing interest rates. Limited inventories. Volatile home prices. While conditions look bleak for today’s home buyer, our tips can help your clients weather the storm.

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Saving Your Clients Money

With rising home prices, rising interest rates and rising inflation, buyers have a right to feel squeezed. But a good real estate agent, like you, can help your buyers save money. Try our tips

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What Is a Home Equity Loan?

If you are looking into renovating your home to increase its value, or you want to augment your source of retirement income, a home equity loan may be the right choice for you. Borrowing funds for whatever purpose you need can be simpler and easier this way. But what are the steps you need to take? Starting with the basics of what a home equity loan is, how it works and how to apply for one, to what the home equity loan credit score minimum is to qualify, this blog can answer those burning questions you may have.

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How Changing Jobs Can Impact Your Home Search

If you’re thinking about changing jobs, and you’re looking to buy a house, there’s a lot you should consider before you accept the offer. Whether the opportunity is with a new organization or within your existing company, or perhaps a new venture on your own, there are many scenarios where changing jobs can dramatically impact your home search. The good news is that your employment history is only one factor that lenders look at when deciding to approve a borrower for a mortgage loan. Other factors include how much a borrower has saved up for a down payment, a borrower's credit history, how much is looking to be borrowed and current interest rates.

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Common First-Time Homebuyer Misconceptions

According to National Mortgage Professional, as much as 80% of prospective first-time homebuyers are concerned about saving for a down payment on a house. If you’re one of these would-be homebuyers, you’re not alone. With historically high home prices, slow construction starts, and rising inflation, it’s no wonder you might be the second-guessing if now is the right time to buy a house. Not to fret. Mutual of Omaha is here to make the homebuying process easy.

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How to Boost Your Financial Health in an Unpredictable Economy

No one has a crystal ball to tell them what the financial future holds. However, looking at the unpredictable market and the latest increases in inflation, there may be signs of a market correction looming near. If you're looking to be better prepared should a recession hit, now might be a great time to assess your financial situation and boost your financial health.

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Financial Steps to Take When Leaving the Military

Your service to our nation may be complete, but a world of opportunity is waiting for you. If you’re transitioning from military service to civilian life, it’s important to know the financial steps needed to make the move more seamless.

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Common Misconceptions to Dispel With First-Time Homebuyers

Summary of the most common first-time home buying myths and the facts to help you navigate the home buying process with your clients.

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What Student Loan Forgiveness Could Do For Prospective Homebuyers

Student loan debt is now one of the largest loan balances for borrowers looking to buy a home. And while student loans may seem like an impossible debt to repay, there are programs in place to help borrowers buy a home despite their debt.

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How Student Loan Debt Impacts Your Ability To Buy A House

You've graduated with a solid GPA from a top college and you're on your way to starting your dream career. You have been offered a competitive salary, with a generous retirement plan and paid time off. You look at your increased income and start to wonder if homeownership is something you can look forward to in the near future.