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Who is Mutual of Omaha Mortgage?

The Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company has been helping customers since 1909. Inspired by hometown values and committed to being responsible and caring for each other, we exist for the benefit of our customers.

And, like our customers, we thrive on relationships and building genuine, enduring connections. As a Mutual company our focus isn’t about increasing share prices. It’s helping customers reach their financial goals.

What that means if you’re considering a new home purchase or refinance, you can feel secure knowing Mutual of Omaha Mortgage exists solely to do right by our customers, every time.

We understand that to some companies a loan is a loan is a loan. That’s not us and it’ll never be. Buying (or refinancing) a house is more than a financial decision. It’s the promise of a life you want to build and the memories you want to make. And that’s why before we talk home loan solutions, we focus on you and your needs.

What people say about us

Ana Maldonado

Josh Davis did an outstanding job with keeping me informed and updated with the loan process. My family and I thank Josh for helping on my home's closing before our new baby girl came to our lives.

Mary Deary

Mr. Leach was very courteous, knowledgeable and kept me informed of the status.

Kenneth A.

Working with Roque far exceeded my expectations; he thoroughly explained my options and the type of loan that best suited me. Overall he has delivered an exceptional customer service. Without hesitation I would recommend him to family and friends.

Donald L.

Ben exceeded my expectations througout the entire loan process. He was always prompt in keeping me informed and at the same time stayed courteous and professional. I will be recommending him to my family and friends!

Donations to veteran & active duty charities

Since January 1, 2015

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