Eco-Friendly Home Upgrades for the Environmentally Conscious

3.23.2022 | Category: Homebuying

Spruce up your home in an eco-friendly way and make upgrades that are environmentally friendly. Maybe you are looking to sell, or maybe you would just like to cut utility costs and make the world a better place. Here are some things you can get started on now, to improve the value of your home, and the life you live inside of it.

Install Solar Panels

Solar panels are here to stay and there are several ways solar panels benefit our environment and pave a path for a more sustainable future. There are a lot of great reasons why installing solar panels should be your next big home upgrade:

  • Solar energy does not pollute the air and saves water.
  • It reduces the need for fossil fuels and comes with its own economic advantages. 
  • Solar panels give your home the ability to use energy efficiently and have the potential of lowering that pesky electric bill.
  • Solar panels can provide your home a special edge in the market and will likely become the topic of conversation at your next dinner party.

Convert to Drought-Tolerant Landscape 

Focus on the exterior of your home. This can do wonders for its curb appeal, and in the process, you can add to the environmental health of your neighborhood.

If you have a lawn, you might consider using artificial grass to conserve water or replace grass with stones or pebbles to lower your water bill. In addition, you can start growing plants native to the area or drought-friendly that don’t need a ton of water to stay alive. To avoid bugs getting into your plants, look for natural or homemade pesticides.

Many homeowner associations have their own standards when it comes to homeowners doing their own landscaping. If you’re a member of one, make sure you check with them before making any huge changes.

Save Energy with a Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats are a convenient appliance that can help you automatically adjust the temperature in your home. Most smart thermostats will adapt to a household’s heating and cooling patterns. While a programmable thermostat is easy to use, many homeowners don’t bother setting the timers. Smart thermostats make it easy to adjust from a mobile app or set it and leave it. They make great home features for home buyers and are found at nearly any home improvement store.

Replace Faucets and Pipes 

To increase the value of your home, replace any leaky pipes or faucets. And to save water or heating energy, consider doing an inspection about twice a year for dripping faucet fixtures, shower heads or bathroom and kitchen sink pipes.

To increase the value of your home and add a little extra convenience to your bathrooms and kitchen, consider an automatic faucet fixture that automatically turns on and off using a sensor with your hand.

Upgrade Windows 

Upgrading to energy-efficient windows might be costly, but it’s one of the most environmentally friendly investments you can make in your home. Double pane windows are usually the standard as they can help with insulating to reduce the heat that escapes your home.

Another perk is that most window replacements are useful for noise reduction. This is great for privacy and respecting the neighbors when celebrations go later than expected.

When deciding how to dress your windows, consider using curtains that are created with natural material and can black out light. This will not only help keep cool air cooler on hot days, it will also insulate your home further on cold days. You can find curtains made of organic cotton or hemp or go with wooden or bamboo blinds.

Buy Upcycled or Second-Hand Furniture and Appliances

Buying used furniture and appliances is a cost-effective way to add some charm to your home. You can find decent furniture at flea markets and thrift stores and refurbish them to make them your own. You can also find appliances, excess material and home supplies online as well. Many neighborhood social media groups post about estate sales, plant swaps and other exchanges that can give your neighbor’s used goods new life.

Using what you already have around the home to add to its beauty and charm is always one great way to clear out the clutter and give something a purpose. If this isn’t your specialty, consider making a run to the Salvation Army. Removing unwanted clutter and using the rest to recycle makes a huge difference, especially if done before any major upgrades.

Making environmentally conscious upgrades to your home is thoughtful and wise. It can be more costly at the beginning, but eventually, prove to be a good investment.

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