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How to Get Your Home Ready for Back-to-School Season

8.21.2023 | Category: Article

As summer comes to an end and the back-to-school season approaches, it's the perfect time to give your home a refresh to accommodate your kids' changing needs. Whether your home requires minor touch-ups or significant improvements, we've compiled a list of budget-friendly ideas to get your space ready for the school year. 

From small projects to larger renovations, making these changes while the kids are in school can make the process more manageable. Plus, with the fall weather setting in, you'll find it easier to tackle these projects without weather-related obstacles.

Small Projects: Budget-Friendly Touch-Ups for Back-to-School

Create a Stylish and Functional Homework Zone

One of the most important elements for the back-to-school season is a dedicated homework zone. Transform an underutilized corner of your home into a study haven. 

With some creativity, you can set up a cozy space with a desk, chair, and ample storage to keep all school supplies neatly organized. You can even incorporate chalkboards or whiteboards for your kids to jot down important notes and reminders.

Organize Closets and Storage Spaces

As the school year begins, the closets seem to get more chaotic with backpacks, shoes, and jackets. Take the opportunity to declutter and organize these spaces. Consider installing shelving units or hooks to keep everything in place. It will save you time in the mornings and help your kids stay organized throughout the year.

Refresh the Playroom or Recreational Area

If you have a playroom or a recreational area in your home, now is a great time to give it a fresh update. Repaint the walls in vibrant colors, add new furniture, or simply rearrange the space to breathe new life into the room. It will create a more inviting and fun environment for your kids to unwind after a day at school.

Upgrade Lighting Fixtures

Good lighting is essential for effective studying. Swap out old, dim lighting fixtures for bright and energy-efficient options. LED lights not only provide ample illumination but also help you save on energy bills. Adding desk lamps and floor lamps can further enhance the ambiance in your kids' study spaces.

Revamp the Kitchen for Easy Lunch Prep

With the school routine back in full swing, you'll be packing lunches regularly. Organize your kitchen for streamlined lunch preparation by installing pull-out pantry shelves, labeled containers, and an accessible lunchbox station. This will make packing lunches a breeze and help your mornings run more smoothly.

Large Projects: Elevate Your Home for the School Year with Grand Transformations!

Install a Home Office

If you or your partner work remotely or need a quiet space for managing household affairs, consider creating a home office. Converting a spare room or a corner of the house into a functional workspace will enhance productivity and organization.

Add a Study Room or Extra Bedroom

For larger families or those planning to expand, adding an extra bedroom or a study room can be a valuable investment. Not only will it provide additional space for growing kids, but it can also add significant value to your home.

Transform Your Backyard into an Inspiring Outdoor Learning Space
Create a covered patio or a pergola with comfortable seating, built-in desks, and ample storage. This inviting oasis will provide the perfect setting for your kids to study, read, and immerse themselves in their schoolwork amidst the fresh air and natural surroundings. 

Create a Complete Basement Remodel for a Home Classroom

Maximize the potential of your basement by converting it into a fully functional home classroom. With proper insulation, lighting, and ventilation, you can create a comfortable and private study area for your kids. Add chalkboard walls, smart boards, and interactive learning tools to make it an engaging and efficient space for education.

Why Fall is the Perfect Time

Undertaking these projects during fall offers several advantages. The weather is generally more predictable, making it easier for contractors to work without unexpected delays. Additionally, with the kids back in school, you'll have fewer distractions and a quieter environment to manage the renovations more effectively.

Financing Your Home Improvement Project

Ready to transform your home into the perfect space for the upcoming school year? If you're a homeowner interested in using the equity in your property to finance your back-to-school home improvement project, we're here to help! 

Contact a Mutual of Omaha loan specialist today and explore your financing options. Our friendly team is ready to assist you in finding the best solution that suits your needs and budget. Let's work together to create a comfortable and inspiring learning environment for your kids. 

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