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Saving Your Clients Money

10.5.2022 | Category: Article

With rising home prices, rising interest rates and rising inflation, buyers have a right to feel squeezed. But a good real estate agent, like you, can help your buyers save money. Try our tips.

True — the conditions for buying a home are far from ideal, yet not all buyers have decided to hibernate. Those brave souls will not only look to you for guidance, but for help saving money too. So, let’s get started.

Dispel the 20% rule

In most cases, a 20% down payment will help your buyers avoid mortgage insurance. However, it could also drain they’re savings and make it harder to meet their mortgage payments. Make sure your clients know the various options available for a low-down loan.

Plus, there may be down payment assistance programs in your community that can help. Check the internet.

Help your clients save on services 

Many buyers don’t know how to shop around for title companies, home inspectors, real estate attorneys and other services they may need. But you do. You probably know a network of frugal professionals who can serve your clients well. So, call in the troops and let the savings begin.


In today’s market, the seller may have several offers (some above their asking price), so negotiating price may not be possible. However, as a trained negotiator, you may find other opportunities to negotiate.

For example, give the seller flexibility on when they need to move. A rent-back agreement is a great option for buyers to purchase the home and then rent it back to the seller. This gives the seller more time to find a new place and the rent they pay could cover your buyer’s mortgage payments.

Access your inside track 

Tap your secret trove of exclusive and “coming soon” listings that haven’t gone public. As you know, these can sometimes be the best deals on the market, offering your buyers considerable savings. In addition, your clients may get to make an offer before other buyers catch wind of these opportunities.

Give your clients a portion of your fee 

You’re in the business to make money, not give it away. However, offering up a small portion of your commission can occasionally make sense. For example, you might consider this if you’re guaranteed a significant amount of referral business. This may also be appropriate if your buyers saved you work by finding their own listings and self-touring a lot of properties.

Much more than saving money

Saving money isn’t the only advantage you offer clients. Your expertise and years of working in the industry are sure to give them an edge. But saving your buyers a little cash here and there is sure to keep them happy and singing your praises. And word of mouth is a great business builder!



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