Staging Homes to Sell

08.30.2021 | Category: Homebuying

Staging is one of the easiest and most reliable ways to sell homes faster – and for more money!

Minimal furniture. Tasteful artwork. Copious lighting. Impeccably clean. These are some of the classic qualities of a well-staged home.

In earlier years, staging was only used for vacant and hard-to-sell properties. Today, however, there are more listings being staged than ever.

A recent study showed that 82% of urban sellers and 71% of suburban sellers had their homes staged before posting a listing.

Staging a home makes it more welcoming and helps create a positive first impression. Over 81% of potential buyers in the U. S. reported that, when viewing a staged home, it was easier to imagine themselves living in that house.

So, how does one stage a home successfully? Start by executing the 3D’s:


A lack of clutter will make your home look bigger and more appealing. When preparing to sell, box up everything you don’t need on a day-to-day basis (including seasonal items, papers, and a majority of your home décor) and store it all away for your next home. To help the house look even more spacious, try hanging a few mirrors in bright, strategic areas.


It can be difficult for a buyer to picture themselves in a home if they’re confronted with photos of the current owners. The goal is to create a blank canvas, and for that, you need to stow away family pictures and any other overtly personal items—including things like your toothbrush or bathroom scale.

Deep clean

Cleaning is essential to staging because it helps you make a positive first impression. Plus, you want the home to look “move-in ready.” If you don’t have the time to do it right, pay for a professional cleaning service. It’ll be worth it!

In regard to costs, home staging can range from $500 to $5,500 while the average cost is $1,900. Pricing depends on the level of service, whether or not the home is vacant, and the number of rooms that need to be staged.



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