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Jennifer K. P in Evansville, WI

On February 15, 2023

The communication was great, always quick replies and able to answer minor and major questions. Kris was able to take the time to go thru details, and give extra explanation to truly make sure I understood.

Danielle F in Waterbury, CT

On February 24, 2023

Jake was honest with me through out the entire process and was available to answer any questions that I had. Also, the turn around time was very quick.

Deedre M. S in Hamburg, NJ

On February 22, 2023

just your professionalism, and how quickly everything was done and made the process so overwhelmingly awesome! this is the second refi I’ve done with Joe, Bulla and I don’t think I’ll go anywhere else again

Kelly V M in Blue Ridge, TX

On January 31, 2023

Josh is very professional and a pleasure to work with, a pleasant experience!

Douglas C in Marietta, Georgia

On February 13, 2023

Outstanding experience. I could not have imagined a better relationship to have than the one I had/have with Jonathan. He and his entire team at Mutual of Omaha was fabulous. I would admit that they probably had to work a little harder for this one, but the results literally changed our lives. We are grateful to Jonathan for being a tremendous coach and advisor throughout the mortgage loan process. And Mutuals online application process was extremely easy to follow and convenient for uploading the required documents as well. All in all a tremendous experience one that I would recommend to anyone seeking a new home loan or refinancing. Thank you Jonathan!

Dolores K. O in Douglasville, GA

On February 09, 2023

Always available and willing to take the time to explain every aspect of the process. Thank you, Joe.

Kyle K in Deltona, FL

On January 31, 2023

Jeff is the epitome of professional. We have worked with him several times in the last 8+ years and each time, he exceeds our expectations. He was also very quick to ensure his team received the credit for their great work. Everyone on the team with our main point of contact being Jeff Shin, were responsive, helpful and were even able to help us close 11 days earlier than we had originally scheduled. We trust Jeff's knowledge of the market place and his products and above all, to look out for our best interests. We highly recommend Jeff!! We have worked with him across multiple states and for varying amounts. After all these years, we still think he is a rockstar and would use his services again in a heartbeat.

Carl in Prosper, TX

On February 04, 2023

The system seemed simple to use. Everyone on the team communicated very well and everything went very smooth.

Randall H in China Spring, TX

On January 26, 2023

Great experience slight delay from FedEx but I enjoyed working with Josh.

Dramon F in Saint Louis, MO

On January 14, 2023

Constant Communication, that in the midst of my busy schedule I was able to do so much because of the constant communication to keep me on top of things that needed to get done to make this a success. I could not have had this happen without the constant positive encouraging voice of Ovet Reynoso throughout this entire process. I gave up at one point, but Ovet was a constant positive person in my ear who without, this would have never happened and been a success.

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Founded in 1909, Mutual of Omaha serves over 4.6 million individual product customers and 36,000 employer groups.

For a century – through countless historical events – Mutual of Omaha has been there to keep promises to its customers. Inspired by hometown values and a commitment to being responsible and caring for each other, Mutual of Omaha Mortgage continues that legacy. Our mission is to provide home financing solutions that help our customers, and back our services with operational excellence at every level. Today, as the nation grapples with new financial realities, Mutual of Omaha Mortgage is strong, stable, secure, and ready to meet your mortgage and financial needs.

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