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How to Get Your Home Ready to Sell by Summer

If you’re one of the millions of homeowners thinking about listing this summer, you will most likely have stiff competition. To ensure your house is ready to sell by summer, consider these tips to prepare your home for a quick sell.

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CHOICEReno eXPressSM Mortgage Program

If you’re one of the millions of prospective buyers looking to buy a fixer-upper, you might be well suited for a new convenient mortgage solution created especially for homeowners looking to tap their equity for simple home projects or upgrades.

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Cyber-Security Tips for Home Buyers and Sellers

When going through the home buying process, prospective home buyers and sellers all share a substantial amount of personal financial information. Oftentimes, home buyers and sellers must share things like their social security number, bank account information, proof of employment and previous addresses. But they aren’t as knowledgeable as a real estate agent in how that information will be protected against cyber-crime.

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How to Take Advantage of a Blended Rate to Tackle High-Interest Debt

With home mortgage rates still trending lower than most average credit card interest rates, student loan rates and even some car loans, you may want to leverage your home equity to pay off high interest debts.

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Eco-Friendly Home Upgrades for the Environmentally Conscious

Spruce up your home in an eco-friendly way and make upgrades that are environmentally friendly. Maybe you are looking to sell, or maybe you would just like to cut utility costs and make the world a better place. Here are some things you can get started on now, to improve the value of your home, and the life you live inside of it.

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Looking To House Hack? How To Find Multi Family Homes for Sale in 2022

A single-family home would serve you well economically. Historically, it is an asset that appreciates in value over time. But you also wait to profit from it while shouldering all the current expenses. If you want to generate a passive income or jumpstart a career in real estate investment sooner than later, buying a multi-unit property or house hacking may be the right path for you.

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How To Financially Plan For Moving Out Of State

There’s no question the real estate market has seen unprecedented demand, creating a seller’s market not seen in nearly 14 years. With home appreciation up, interest rates still low and remote work becoming more embraced, an increasing number of prospective homebuyers are looking to make a move, with millions expected to relocate out of state in the coming year.

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Fixer Upper as a First-Time Homebuyer? What You Should Know Before You Make an Offer

Buying a home in need of a little TLC may help you stay on budget, but is it really a good idea as a first-time homeowner? You've watched all the shows. You follow all the home renovation influencers. Your Pinterest boards are complete with DIY projects you've tried and conquered.

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Are You Ready To Purchase A Second Home Or Investment Property?

With the interest in investment properties taking off, more and more home buyers are considering a second home to utilize as an investment property. Investing in real estate, for many, is a sound and profitable way to build wealth and generate a passive income.

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What to tell your buyers NOT to do before closing on your home

You’re so close to the finish line that you can taste the sweet nectar of closing on your client’s home loan. All their paperwork is in underwriting and you have a good feeling everything will come back approved with ease.