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How To Financially Plan For Moving Out Of State

There’s no question the real estate market has seen unprecedented demand, creating a seller’s market not seen in nearly 14 years. With home appreciation up, interest rates still low and remote work becoming more embraced, an increasing number of prospective homebuyers are looking to make a move, with millions expected to relocate out of state in the coming year.

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Fixer Upper as a First-Time Homebuyer? What You Should Know Before You Make an Offer

Buying a home in need of a little TLC may help you stay on budget, but is it really a good idea as a first-time homeowner? You've watched all the shows. You follow all the home renovation influencers. Your Pinterest boards are complete with DIY projects you've tried and conquered.

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Are You Ready To Purchase A Second Home Or Investment Property?

With the interest in investment properties taking off, more and more home buyers are considering a second home to utilize as an investment property. Investing in real estate, for many, is a sound and profitable way to build wealth and generate a passive income.

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Celebrating Black Trailblazers in Real Estate

Black History Month is celebrated every February to recognize the positive contributions and courageous achievements made by Black Americans. Originally started in 1926 as a week-long observance, by 1976, it had grown to a month-long national celebration officially designated by every president since.

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What to tell your buyers NOT to do before closing on your home

You’re so close to the finish line that you can taste the sweet nectar of closing on your client’s home loan. All their paperwork is in underwriting and you have a good feeling everything will come back approved with ease.

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Qualify for A New Home Loan as Newlyweds

While planning for the big day might be filled with exciting moments you'll always remember, it's important to consider all the important milestones you and your spouse will reach together, like buying a home.

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What are Mortgage Points and How Do They Impact My Mortgage Loan

A common practice among lenders is to charge a mortgage point in order to lower a buyer's interest. Mortgage points can sometimes cause confusion among consumers since they're not always consistently included in a loan's terms.

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Pros And Cons of Buying a Home in the Winter

While the hustle and bustle of the holiday season isn't always when a homebuyer feels it's the right time to home shop, there are many perks to consider buying during the winter months.

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How To Write Mortgage Into Your 2022 New Year's Resolutions

If you’re looking to add getting approved for a mortgage loan to your New Year’s resolutions, then you’ve come to the right place.

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How to Make Improving Your Credit Your New Year Resolution

The new year is all about fresh starts, new beginnings and resolution setting… making it an ideal time for improving your credit to get your finances ready for buying a home. Details like your creditworthiness, debt and income are all really important factors in being approved for a home mortgage loan. As well as how much you have saved for a down payment, your employment history and the desired value of your new home.