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Introducing the Wealth Builder Loan: Your Key to Real Estate Investment Success

06.10.2024 | Category: Article

Are you a real estate investor looking to elevate your strategy? Whether you're just starting out or aiming to expand your existing portfolio, there’s a variety of paths to reaching your investment goals.

Still, navigating potential obstacles such as financing, market volatility, property management issues, and regulatory requirements means careful planning and knowledge. We understand the hurdles you may face. That's why we're excited to introduce the Wealth Builder Loan program by Mutual of Omaha Mortgage, designed specifically for investors like you.

You no longer need to worry about traditional financing obstacles. With the Wealth Builder Loan, we've revolutionized the real estate investment game. Here's how:

Unlock Opportunities: We base our underwriting on rental income, not just your personal income or financial situation. Plus, you can purchase properties through your LLC, offering more flexibility and control.

Tailored Solutions: Whether you're self-employed or dealing with high debt-to-income ratios, we've got you covered. Our program focuses on the property's income potential, opening doors that were once closed.

Competitive Terms: With loan amounts up to $2 million and a maximum LTV of 80%, we offer rates and terms that fit your needs. Plus, our quick application process ensures a speedy closing, so you can seize opportunities without delay.

Loan Features:

  • Down payments as low as 20%
  • Credit scores as low as 640 FICO
  • Minimum loan amount $100k
  • No personal income is required, no tax returns
  • Qualify based on property cash flow, not personal finances
  • Residential properties only, 1-4 Unit Properties
  • Properties can be held in your LLC's name


Property Flexibility: The Wealth Builder Loan offers versatile solutions, catering to both single-family and multi-family properties. Investors should look for properties with strong income potential and consider factors such as location, rental demand, and potential for value appreciation. With the ability to purchase properties through an LLC, investors gain greater flexibility and control over their real estate ventures, allowing for strategic portfolio management and asset protection.

Exceptional Support: Real estate investing can be complex, but we've got your back. From pre-approval to closing, our dedicated team is here to provide guidance and assistance, ensuring a smooth and seamless experience.

Investing in real estate offers numerous benefits beyond financial gains. It provides a tangible asset that can be leveraged for additional opportunities, such as rental income, property development, or even personal use. Real estate investment also offers a sense of security and stability, as properties tend to withstand economic fluctuations better than other investment types.

With our support and the wealth-building potential of real estate, you can embark on your investment journey with confidence and peace of mind. From traditional rental properties to innovative financing solutions and emerging market opportunities, there's no shortage of ways to make your mark in the real estate world.

Ready to turn your real estate dreams into reality? Contact us today to learn more about the Wealth Builder Loan program. With us by your side, you can invest with confidence and ease. Let's build wealth together!

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